Ham and Cheese Roll Ups

HamCheeseRollups3When I was a kid I was in love with anything that involved grilled or melted cheese. It was my ultimate comfort food! I especially associate this feeling with eating grilled or toasted cheese sandwiches and soup for lunch on a cold, rainy day. It is one of the things that I miss most about being gluten-free.

These ham and cheese roll ups are sort of like savory crepes, but rolled up! ….which is more fun :) They allow me to enjoy that same melted cheese satisfaction.

To make them, I use my gluten free crepes/tortillas (which I keep on hand in the freezer). I place one on my cast iron skillet on a low heat. I sprinkle a little grated cheese, then add my favorite toppings. In this case, I used ham and mushrooms. I would have also added pineapple if I’d had some. I let it cook until the cheese has melted, then I roll it up and slice it in half.

Yum yum, tasty, easy and fun! They are very kid-friendly too, especially since these roll ups are easily customizable to each person. They can also be eaten as finger food, which also has kid-appeal.

If you’re not gluten free you could also use a regular flour tortilla, but they are thicker and might not roll up as nicely. Crepes might work better.

Ham and Cheese Roll Ups

Gluten-free crepes/tortillas
Cheese of your choice, grated (I used a goat cheddar since I can no longer have cow dairy)
Chopped ham (or turkey, chicken etc)
Other filling ideas: mushrooms, pineapple, tomato, peppers, spinach, chard

1. Place a tortilla on a cast iron or regular skillet, on a low heat.
2. Sprinkle a little grated cheese (cheese is important to help the filling bind together).
3. Add fillings of your choice.
4. Let it cook until the cheese has melted, then roll it up and slice it in half. I carefully roll it up while it’s still on the skillet, then transfer it to a plate or chopping board to cut it in half.